Get a free copy of ComicScene UK issue 0

The first monthly issue of ComicScene UK is out 1st August.

You can get a FREE digital copy of the 64 page launch issue 0 TODAY by e mailing with ‘I want one’ in the subject heading.

Issue 0 features Batman, Judge Dredd, Beano, Dan Dare, The Prisoner, Thunderbirds, 2000AD, Shiver and Shake, Valiant and Lion, Cosplay, Doctor Who, Tank Girl, Preacher, Apollo, Roy of the Rovers and articles from Judge Dredd creator John Wagner and 2000AD creator Pat Mills.

Issue 1, out 1st August, features women creators, female characters, classic girls comics, 40 years of Misty, 25 years of Vertigo comics, the 2000AD Sci Fi Special, a preview of the Vigilant and an 8 page pull out supplement featuring a chapter from Pat Mills new book on Slaine.

You can order Issue 1 direct to your door at or buy it for only £5.99 in all Forbidden Planet Stores, First Age Comics, Gosh Comics, OK Comics, Gnash Comics, Cartoon Museum and Magazine Heaven.

comic scene leaflet a5 26-3-18-1


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