ComicScene UK Issue 1 – out 1st August


The first monthly issue of ComicScene UK comes out 1st August in print and digital.

You can pre order the collectors edition magazine in our new online shop here.

In issue 1 we have an exclusive chapter from Pat Mills new book on Slaine and the work of co creator Angie Kincaid.

We celebrate 40 years of Misty with Dr Julia Round and 25 years of Vertigo, including an interview with Karen Berger.

We go behind the scenes of the new 2000AD Sci Fi Special and focus on the comics of Judge Anderson.  2000AD Sci Fi Special writer Olivia Hicks also writes about Velda and the fabulous four Supercats.

There is an array of classic and new female characters in the issue.  We take a look at Liam Sharpe on cover star Wonder Woman, Professor Peabody from Dan Dare, What Halo Jones did next, Octobriana, Minnie the Minx, Cat Girl, Doctor Who companions, Tank Girl art, The Angels, Mata Hari and Bella at the Bar.

We focus on top female characters past and present too from Susie Gander, Rachael Smith, Marie Duval, Fay Dalton, Sarah Laing and Roy of the Rovers Yvonne Hutton, whose career is also remembered by former editor Barrie Tomlinson.

On top of all that we have the second part of our feature on the rise and fall of ‘Toxic’, the new title from Rebellion ‘The Vigilant’, why we are unlikely to see another ‘Eagle’ or ‘Scream’ on the newsstands ever again, 50 years of comic cons, the return of Whakoman and Pat Mills takes us back to his time on girls comics including ‘Tammy’ and ‘Jinty’ and why girls comics all but disappeared in his column ‘The Last Word’.

To round it off we have some great new Slaine artwork to share with you and some lucky people will be able to win a Comichaus subscription and a Kindle Fire.


Sound good? Then get your hands on Issue 0 of ComicScene UK now and take advantage of our special offer and pre-order issue 1 of ComicScene UK or subscribe at our online shop here.

Alternatively you can get a copy of issue 0* for £5.99, pre order Issue 1 £5.99 (add £4 for Ireland and Europe and £8 for the States and Worldwide) by paying direct via paypal at or get a pdf of Issue 0 for £2.99 and pre order Issue 1 for £2.99 by paying direct via paypal at

Copies will also be on sale at all Forbidden Planet stores, OK Comics, Gosh Comics, Gnash Comics, First Age Comics and the London Cartoon Museum for £5.99 from 1st August.

(*Issue 0 features Batman / Dredd / Dan Dare / Thunderbirds / The Prisoner / Shiver & Shake / Valiant & Lion / Doctor Who / Rok of the Reds / 2000AD / Toxic / Deadline / Tank Girl / Wolf / Flintlock / Unicorn / Apollo / Roy of the Rovers / Pat Mill – 64 pages of comics!)

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