Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is ComicScene UK

ComicScene UK Issue 0 has been published.

We’ve shared our journey with you – from recruiting writers, previewing content, choosing designers, going to print, distributing to subscribers and sharing your early thoughts on the magazine.

Thanks for putting up with our constant reminders of the 1st May launch date!

Here we are!

For those hundreds of you who took a chance and subscribed to a magazine sight unseen, we thank you. We hope we have exceeded your expectations.

The future of the magazine is now in your and new subscriber hands.

Your mission – if you choose to accept it…

If you are a Comic Fan and enjoy what you see then please continue to purchase the magazine and spread the word. Convince your friends and family to buy a copy. Share your thoughts about the magazine on social media #comicscene

If you run a website or blog please continue to share your news and reviews about the magazine. If you run a comic shop let your customers know about the magazine.

Subscribe if the magazine is for you. Or get down to your local Forbidden Planet, OK or First Age Comics store and set up a standing order today. Copies will also be available at some comic conventions.

If you haven’t bought a copy yet please do so. You can even pre order issue 1 alongside issue 0 at our online shop. Or if you prefer to read it on a phone, tablet, desktop or live outside the UK you can download a digital copy.

You can also support us by advertising. Our ad rates are now on the website. Be in the first issue and book by 23rd May. Publishers, websites, bloggers, movie & game makers, merchandisers, convention organisers, comic shops, kickstarters, Commission artists we turn to you to take advantage of getting your message out to people who love Comics!

We think we have created a new magazine that pulls people who love comics together. We hope we have captured all aspects of this wonderful medium into one enjoyable monthly read.

We have many more stories to share. We want to be here for a long time to come and we hope you can help us continue that journey.

Everything you need to get our copy is at


Tony Foster

ComicScene UK Publisher

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