Treasury of British Comics reveal new covers

The covers for Rebellions autumn collection of Treasury of British Comics have been revealed.

There is the third volume of Misty, which features in the forthcoming August issue of ComicScene UK. From the pages of Scream there is the ‘Thirteenth Floor’, written by John Wagner and Alan Grant with art by Jose Ortiz.

From the pages of Battle ‘El Mestizo’ by Alan Hebden and art by Carlos Ezquerra returns.

From the pages of Shiver and Shake, the first issue of which is reviewed in the launch issue of ComicScene UK, is Ken Reid’s ‘Creepy Creations’.

‘Black Max’ from the pages of Thunder rounds off the covers that have been revealed.

Also look out for reprints of Bella at the Bar from Tammy and a new volume of stories from Jinty. We will be featuring them all in the August issue of ComicScene UK.

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