ComicScene Writers 9: Luke Williams


We have a top team of writers for ‘ComicScene UK’ and we’d like introduce them to you.  Next up is Luke Williams.  Do you prefer your comics digital or in print?  Luke explores the debate in the first issue.

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A life long comic fan, with completist tendencies and a very tolerant wife. Luke wrote a series of reviews  for a local small press magazine in the 90s. After a long lay off, and much procrastination approximately 4 years ago he started submitting articles to the “Everything Comes Back to 2000AD” blog under the pseudonym Seth. Whilst still maintaining a “proper” job, he has aspirations of adequacy, spending more time on this writing lark, buying a small holding and being surrounded by a pack of dogs.  A 2000AD fanboy, he still turns to a gibbering wreck when he meets the creator droids from the ‘Prog.

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