Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner writes for ComicScene UK issue one


John Wagner, co creator of Judge Dredd, is to write for the new magazine ‘ComicScene UK’.

He is the first creator to contribute to a regular column on how writers and artists developed their comic characters.  John will be giving the background to how his new character ‘Rok of the Reds’ was developed by him, writing partner Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell.  The graphic novel of ‘Rok of the Reds’ is due out in April from BHP publishing.

This will be a unique insight into comic character development from the man who brought you One Eyed Jack, Darkie’s Mob, The Bogie Man, Doomlord, Ace Trucking Co, Button Man, Robo Hunter, Strontium Dog and, of course, Judge Dredd.  Wagner also wrote Batman and the Last American in the US.

If you are a fan of John’s work or are a potential / current comic creator you won’t want to miss this feature in the new ‘ComicScene UK’.  The first issue is due out 1st May and you can take out an advance subscription of this mail order only magazine now. You can subscribe here.

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