2000AD Summer Special announced – Misty & Scream back for more

sci fiThe 2000AD Summer Special has been announced.  Writing, art, lettering and colouring will be by an all female creative line up for the title due out in June. 2000AD Editor Matt Smith said “This year’s historic Sci-Fi Special is going to be packed with unique voices and amazing talent.”   We at ComicsFlix Tower love a summer special, and look forward to taking this title on our holidays.


The 2000AD Summer Special is one of three titles announced this week.  After the successful Misty and Dracula reprints and the one off Scream and Misty (Misty and Scream!) Special last year there is more to come.  A new issue comes out later in the year – no doubt urging us to visit the thirteenth floor all over again!  Colin Noble included the Sentinels, a recently republished story from Misty, in his Perfect Comic.  You can read his other choices here.

Death Wish

Finally a group of forgotten British heroes will be back in a special featuring characters like the Leopard From Lime Street and Blake Edmonds, the man with a Death Wish, from Speed (that merged into Tiger).  At ComicsFlix Towers we are hoping they use the title ‘Heroes’, the proposed name for the now defunct Tornado.  That would be cool!  If you subscribe to the new mail order only magazine ‘ComicScene UK’ you will find out more in-depth articles on these popular characters and the comics they originated from some of the best comic writers in the business.  Details how to subscribe or get your hands on the legendary limited edition issue one can be found here.

It’s shaping up to be a very exciting year for fans of comics new and old.  We are looking forward to it – thanks Rebellion Publishing, for doing a good job!

The Leopard From Lime Street-1

brit comics

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