Atomic is back – call for submissions

Atomic, the well regarded 80’s/90’s Small Press strip zine is back – and they are calling for submissions to work alongside some of the original creators like Simon Fraser, Garry Marshall, John Erasmus, Graham Manley and Tom Walbank.

You can submit your idea by end of February 2018 to with ‘Atomic Art’ as the subject title.

You can read more about the new Atomic ‘summer special’ and how to submit your ideas here.

To get you in the mood here is some of the original work – this is artwork from the original 13 issue run. A 14th issue was recently discovered! Find out more here.

Some of the previous stories will be published in the forthcoming new Comic Scene UK magazine – subscribe today. More details here.

An auction to Own all these rare zines, including issue 14, a mini comic and additional rare work from Simon Fraser will be announced soon.

Some of the positive reviews about the title.

Tom Walbank carnage from Torso Tales

John Erasmus, who went on to draw Accident Man for Toxic.

Garry Marshall, who went on to draw for Judge Dredd Megazine, Missionary Man and Roy of the Rovers. Will Nick Winter from The Two Dimensional Horror be Back after an explosive ending?

Work from great Scottish artist John Miller – our favourite Girl With The Flowery Trousers.

Graham Manley who work for 2000AD, Megazine, Diceman and Near Myths.

Simon Fraser who went on to draw Nikolai Dante for 2000AD, Doctor Who, Kingsman and the forthcoming ‘The Family’ for 2000AD.

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