Bendis revamps Man of Steel

With a slight feeling of deja vu ComicsFlix reports that ex Marvel Superstar Michael Bendis has been handed the DC reigns to Superman – but seems to be repackaging what John Byrne did for the character in the 90’s.

Following close on the heels of Action 1000, out 18th April, Bendis will bring you Action 1001 from July and two more titles prior to that.!!Superman 1 is due out in July and a six issue mini series with the title, wait for it, ‘Man of Steel’ is out in late May. A prelude to the ‘Man of Steel’ story will appear in ‘DC Nation’ early May. The mini series tells the story of the last days of Krypton and Kal El’s journey to become the iconic Superman we know today!

It’s certainly time for a new generation to get to know Superman again – let’s hope Bendis can make these titles soar up, up and away…

More news on the site and in our exclusive US section of ComicScene UK in May. Subscribe today – details here.

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