Rare Scottish comic zines bought for 60p sell for over £500!

A rare Scottish zine that cost 30p in the 80’s, with a hand coloured cover by comic creator Grant Morrison, has sold for £343 on eBay.

It was part of a number of zines to raise money for new comic art projects. A second cover drawn by Morrison went for £162 with an issue of ‘Fusion’, featuring interviews with Alan Moore and Alan Davis, selling for £83. A publication based around interviews with 2000AD sold for just under £40.

Two more ‘Fusion’ lots are available including one with a Marv Wolfman interview and one with an early picture strip drawn by Scottish comic artist Gary Erskine. They are due to end during this week. An auction for the popular ‘Atomic’ Scottish stripzine in the 80’s / 90’s, which featured work from artists who went on to work for 2000AD / Roy of the Rovers / Judge Dredd Megazine / Doctor Who / Kingsman and Toxic, is expected shortly.

Tony Foster ran the action, “It’s been 50 years of Fandom and the material produced about Comics is just as popular as the reprints of the source material itself. The issue of Kid Marvelman by Grant Morrison went for £300 in 2012 and our goal was to beat that! Other issues of Grants ‘Marvelman’ Covers became available mid week and sold for £139 each. However we’ve been running a marketing campaign to highlight the auctions so very happy they sold for £200 more.”

“We’ve been monitoring this market for a while. Whilst we know people can pop their own titles on eBay we’d be happy to promote and auction for fans holding on to similar titles, with a small percentage to covert eBay costs and to go towards our new art projects. We are also keen to hear from fanzine creators over the years to help republish their material for new and diehard comic fans riding the current wave of nostalgia. They will make good reading!”

You can contact Tony at comicsflix@gmail.com

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