Very Rare Grant Morrison, Alan Moore & Alan Davis and 2000AD fanzines on eBay

Five very rare fanzines have become available online on ebay for auction tonight – links below.

They feature Marvelman/Miracleman artwork by Grant Morrison (Fusion issue 4 & 6) Grant Morrison Captain Clyde Cover (by Tony O’Donnell) and feature (pre Zenith superhero, Fusion 7), Alan Moore and Alan Davis Cover and interview (Fusion 7) and a scarce AKA 2000AD Tapes Fanzine. Interviews include Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Mike McMahon, Kevin O’Neill, Robin Smith and Richard Burton.

All zines are very rare and collectible comic memorabilia, with Fusion issue 4 giving for £300 in 2012 with copies of issue 6 expected to go for more. Most had very low print runs and were published between 1983-85 at the height of comic fandom.

This auction is expected to raise funds for a comic art project to promote new talent. The auction ends Monday 29th January between 9 and 10pm.

Please share to help support this creative project.

Covers and links below

Bid now

Bid here

Bid here

Bid here

Bid here

Fusion issues 1,3 & 5 with Art by Alan Davis and Grant Morrison and an article on the Gorbals Vampire are also available – more details here.

Fusion 8 & 9 details, including interview with Marv Wolfman and early strip by Gary Erskine can be found here.


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