Green Cross Code Man

We recently shared with ComicsFlix readers the Superman Anti Smoking campaign from the 80’s – you can find out more here.

This campaign reminded us about a pre Darth Vader gig for David Prowse MBE as the Green Cross Code Man. Created in 1970 by the National Road Safety Committee the campaign is said to have saved the lives or prevented injury of over 250,000 children on Britain’s Roads.

A series of TV spots ran from 1975 – some of which can be seen here. Prowse reprised the role in 2016 for adults on headphones and smartphones – watch it here.

The Riverside Museum in Glasgow recently did a call out to see who the original artist of the Green Cross Code campaign was, for an exhibition they wish to run. It seems the artists included Ron Smith of 2000AD fame, and Dave Gibbons has confirmed he provided the artwork to the strip reprinted at the beginning of this feature (with more nuggets expected in his forthcoming autobiography, hopefully due this year). Perhaps other comic fans have an idea about the other artists?

At ComicsFlix we thinks it’s amazing that even today, nearly 50 years since this campaign, that Comics and superheroes can be used to inform and educate on anything from health campaigns to history.

So remember always look left, look right and look again as I won’t be there when you cross the road.

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