Superman Memories: Nick O’Teen Anti Smoking Campaign.

It’s 2018 and to celebrate Superman’s 80th year we are keen for you to share your Superman memories and art with us. Send your contribution to and we will share it with the world!

I’ve been a fan of Superman for over 40 years but my earliest memory is not just from films and comics. I was one of 800,000 kids who cut out coupons and sent away for the Health Education Councils Superman Anti Smoking Nick O’ Teen campaign packs. Kids were encouraged to share elements of the pack in their schools and community buildings.

This £1,000,000 campaign, aimed at kids aged 7 to 11, was taken up by 1 in 10 children. The idea was to influence the third of 18 million adult smokers who had started smoking at the age of 9.

Superman would battle the Nick O’ Teen, an evil villain who looked like a human cigarette butt with yellow stained teeth.

Launched with TV, cinema and press ads in 1980 this campaign was highly successful – being recalled by over 70 to 80% of kids two and more years later than the ads originally ran. Such was the power of Superman.

Poster and ads from the campaign are below – as well as these two animated ads

Superman Nick O’Teen 1

Superman Nick O Teen 2

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