Scotland in the Comics

ComicsFlix launched the new Captain Scotland story ‘Back to the Future’ on St Andrews Day 2017, thirty years after the character disappeared from the Scottish small press title ‘Atomic’ – you can read the story here.

Created in the mid 80’s he’s not the only comic character influenced by Scotland, particularly with a number of top comic creators coming from the country. Indeed it is believed the modern comic book originated in Scotland, in the 1825 title ‘The Glasgow Looking Glass’. A 19th century satire on politics and high society the title was the first to use speech bubbles and ‘To Be Continued…’ at the end of a story. The content obviously influenced titles such as ‘Punch’ and today’s ‘Private Eye’.

You can read more about the relaunch of Captain Scotland on Down The Tubes , the Sunday Post, the STV website, and the Scottish Sun website.

There is also an auction of rare Scottish small press titles on ebay, featuring work by Scottish creators including Grant Morrison and 2000AD artists interviewed at one of the first Scottish comic conventions in the 80’s. More details here.

Below you can enjoy our picture special of some classic Scottish comic covers and characters. They are not the complete list. Send any we’ve missed to us at and we will add them. We’ll also feature any artwork influenced by our current story.

There are also some versions of ‘Captain Scotland’ produced subsequent to the original character from Atomic, the Scottish produced comic Captain Scotland appeared in during the mid ’80s, some fun images by Francis McHardy and more from current artist Valentina Mozzo.

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