Thor – Empire cover star

Thor has appeared on the cover of Empire three times.

These three issues of Empire are available to buy for £20 (including postage to UK) from ComicsFlix. E mail

The first in November 2000 where the Kenneth Branagh directed film is likened to Henry V in space. Comic Book heroes in this issue also include an unmasked Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and Mark Ruffalo as the new Hulk. Iron Man 2 gets 3 stars on DVD.

Thor the Dark World is featured in the October 2013 issue of Empire. The issue also includes the new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi, Karen Gillan in Guardian of the Galaxy, Superman v Batman and Get Carter. Kick Ass 2 gets a three star review and Iron Man 3 on DVD gets 4 stars!

The limited edition Thor Ragnarok Cover is from September this year. The movie is out in cinemas now to critical and fan acclaim. Jodi Whittaker is announced as the new Who and Dave Bautista is asked How Much Is A Pint if Milk. Kingsman, DC, Marvel, Stan Lee and new TV series Krypton all get featured in a ComicCon Special. Sorry, no Iron Man 5 in the DVD review section!

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