Dan Dare Review

It’s fabulous to see a new Dan Dare story on the comic book shelves.

It’s also nice to see that, unlike the Virgin series ten years ago, we have a continuing narrative post classic Eagle storylines with Digby, Peabody, Hogan and Sir Hubert Guest of Starfleet all making an appearance with therapy provided by the dreaded Mekon.

With shades of Missy and the Doctor in the recent TV series of Doctor Who there is an exploration of the relationship between Dare and the Mekon. What would life be like if there was no enemy to fight and relative peace on Earth with no battles to win? But if ‘Dan Dare – Pen Pusher’ doesn’t float your boat then writer Pete Milligan teases trouble ahead and the answer to your prayers by the final page:

I’m a great fan of Dan Dare and what the character brought to UK Comics and to classic science fiction on TV. It’s great to see a modern telling of the story fit just right for the 21st Century Pilot of the Future.

Albert Foche Art is cinematic and inoffensive but purists will argue this isn’t just a simple art gig and the intricate world of Starfleet was as part of the story as the narrative. We live in a different age but marvel at the Chris Weston cover to see what could have been.

Dan Dare is out now and well worth your galactic groats. We at ComicsFlix Tower say give it a whirl – it’s worth it for the Mekon’s green fingered garden tips!

Below – Dan Dare by Ian Kennedy. Watch out for some classic Dan Dare artwork from him on our social media feeds soon!

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