Anne Frank Graphic Novel, how comics help kids & inspire rocket science in Media News 8-14 Oct

anne frankComic book sales remain flat except for graphic novels and comic books for kids according to Publishers Weekly this week. More details on graphic novel sales in the US can be read here.

The married couple who made Harley Quinn one of the most popular characters in comics is covered in the Washington Post.

Bleeding Cool covered the recent Lakes International Comic Art Festival controversy.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy their weekend.  Find out more about the Art Festival at Page 45.  More coverage can be found in the North West Evening Mail.


Marvel comics made the Washington Post over a planned partnership with a defence contractor after negative publicity on twitter.

The New York Post covered a story of a robber who stole comic books and tried to escape like a superhero.

The diary of Anne Frank has been adapted for comics said the BBC this week.

Kids are also using comic books to highlight issues around bullying.  Comics also being used on matters around childhood literacy.  Comics also being used to drive innovation.

Killie Con in Scotland was covered in the Daily Record this week with Judge Dredd centre stage.  Wales is also getting into the act according to the Shropshire Star.  And meanwhile, in Cleethorpes…

The comic event al Loch Lomond Shores was covered locally too this week.

The Independent covered has an article on the Archie Comics that inspired the hit Netflix TV series Riverdale.

Finally as ComicsFlix celebrates Dan Dare Week from 11th – 18th October, using the #sharedare hashtag, there has been some media coverage about the Pilot of the Future recently.  You can read an article how Dan Dare survived the digital age in the Independent, about the audio adventures in the Daily Mail, the secret history of Dan Dare in the Manchester Evening News, the history of the Eagle in the Scunthorpe Telegraph and how Dan Dare inspired rocket science.

That’s you Media Round Up For this week – see you next time…

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