ComicsFlix likes all things 2000AD

All things 2000AD are so hot right now our fingers are burning!

There are a couple of 2000AD inspired projects we loved at ComicsFlix Towers this week, including the cover of the Dark Horse / IDW / 2000AD ‘Predator, Judge Dredd and Aliens ‘ crossover graphic novel due in October.

We also like the covers of the latest 2000AD Judge Dredd Icon storyline cover and the Judge Dredd Year Two Omnibus Cover.

2000AD are in New York this week selling the Hero Initiative Steve Dillon Special, which we felt needs an honourable mention here too.

And finally, from Millsverse, we love the idea of a Carlos Ezquerra colour book and we think the digital work from Michael McGovern on Ezquerra looks amazing!

We love great art at ComicsFix Towers – find out more here

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