Gods Among Us on TV & DVD next week

wonder woman

Who will you be watching at the weekend – Thor:The Dark World is on BBC1 Saturday at 10.20pm – or perhaps you will be watching your DVD/Blu Ray release of the new Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot.  Then again maybe you will be avoiding Strictly and watching both!  Whatever you decide, Wonder Woman and Thor kick off our round up of comic book superheroes on the small screen this week.

However pickings are a little thin on the ground with only Blade:Trinity with Wesley Snipes, pre jail sentence, late on Channel 5 on Monday 9th October.  So perhaps those Wonder Woman DVD and Blu Ray extras and blooper reels will come in handy.

Meantime enjoy some old time comic book fun with a short documentary on Eagle’s very own interplanetary spaceman Colonel Dan Dare in this episode of Inside Out (starts approx. 20 mins in).  Check it out here.

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