Comic Fan Art required at ComicsFlix

ComicsFlix wants to share your fan art across the world – in an ongoing series of ComicsFlix special features. Okay – professionals can join if they want!

Send your art as jpeg to and we will share the best pics we get for the following features on our website and our social media channels. You may have something ready or we have a deadline of 23rd October if you’d prefer to do something new.

1 – ‘Wonder Woman’ is out on DVD & Blu Ray. We’d like to see your pictures of her and other members of the Justice League.

2 – Classic TV. ‘Captain Scarlet’ and the ‘Prisoner’ are 50. Doctor Who’s ‘K9’ is 40. And this Christmas the current Doctor meets the first Doctor and regenerates into the new Doctor. We’d love your fan art of each Doctor, K9, the Prisoner and Captain Scarlet.

3 – Classic characters ‘Dan Dare’ and ‘Roy of the Rovers’ are coming back to Comics thanks to Titan and Rebellion. We’d love to see your classic or new interpretations of Dan and Roy.

4 – Misty and Scream Halloween special is out soon. We’d love to see your fan pics of Misty and classic horror characters for a Halloween special in October.

5 -2000AD Prog 2050 came out this week. We’d like to see your Slaine, Rogue Trooper, Zenith, Dredd or any of the classic characters who recently appeared in our top 10 list here.

6 – And finally Star Wars the Last Jedi is out, as is BladeRunner! We’d love your interpretations of the new characters that we share in our series of ComicsFlix Art Special Features.

Remember you can send us art you already have and are happy with or we have a 23rd October deadline for all categories. Send JPEG’s to

We look forward to seeing and sharing your work.

Happy drawing


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