Halloween Treats & rise of the Phoenix


This week Multiversity release the new Glen Fabry cover for Scream and Misty Halloween special – or is that Misty and Scream?


Also out for Halloween a one off Halloween special from DC Thomson for younger readers.  And for the under 12 market the Phoenix comic released it’s 300th edition.  You can now pick up the title in Sainsburys and other outlets.


It’s certainly been a very busy week for UK comics with the jumping on Prog 2050 for 2000AD and the announcement of the return of Roy of the Rovers from Rebellion in 2018/19.  Don’t forget Dan Dare is also returning to comics from Titan too next month – and we’ve been calling for a reprint of the 1980’s Dare – and fantastic artwork by Ian Kennedy.

Finally for our quick round up we thought we’d share our favourite favourite piece of artwork that has been shared online this week – the Prisoner by Chris Weston.  The Prisoner celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this month (along with Captain Scarlett) and this is a fantastic piece of work.


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