First Doctor comes back to Big Finish

We are getting very excited about seeing Peter Capaldi not only regenerate into Jodi Whittaker in the Christmas Day special of Doctor Who but also his meeting with the first Doctor.

Originally played by William Hartnell way back in 1963 the new first Doctor is played by David Bradley, also know for his roles in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. David also played the Doctor in the BBC docu – drama ‘Adventures In Space and Time’, about the creation of Doctor Who and Hartnell’s eventual regeneration into Patrick Troughton.

The good news is the Christmas Special will not be the last we hear about David portraying the First Doctor. This week Big Finish announced new audio adventures for the First Doctor. Volume One is Destination Wars and the Great White Hurricane. The Doctor will be joined by the original Tardis team Susan, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. The series will also feature an encounter with the Master.

The countdown to Christmas starts here!

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