Play Misty For Me…

It’s fangtastic news to hear that we are getting new material for a Scream and Misty special coming out at a newsagent near you for Halloween.

Here is a trailer for the new comic, out 18th October.

2000AD publishers Rebellion, who acquired the rights to the titles from the late 70’s and early 80’s, originally planned a Scream special but incorporated Misty after a successful reprint special this year.  Check out the Misty website for more.

Concerns have been raised about demoting the Misty title, suggesting the comic will be aimed largely at the male market.  For more information on that check out the amazing website Down the Tubes.

I welcome this new material, as someone who read and enjoyed both titles.

Misty had some stunning cover art and some of it is celebrated this week on the Great News For All Readers website.

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