ComicScene+ launch digital kids channel

ComicScene+ has launched a digital kids channel. This allows parents/carers to share kid friendly comics that feature in the digital comics library. You get an additional password for the section all for the same subscription price.

The books added in time for Easter are Flintlock and Milford Green with more to come. Details and how to subscribe here.

You get ComicScene+ digital library as part of your ComicScene International subscription. A weekly digital magazine with comic interviews and features. There are currently over 50 titles with ‘memory space’ in the library for over 500 titles. More comic titles are being added every week.

More channels will be added. All the books can be accessed in the library and then the channels will categorise them depending on your interests. There might be a manga channel, an LGBT Channel, a superhero channel, a horror channel, a history channel, an art book channel. The idea is to bring digital comics of all genres into one accessible space and you can easily dip into the comics you like – and maybe comics you haven’t yet.

Creators get a % of the subscription fee and we link to where you can get the print copy which benefits the creators directly. If you are a creator then email ComicScene to be added to the project at

To support the library, kids channel and further channels subscribe and be one of our founding members. More details about the kid channel and how to subscribe here. Kids will also be sent a free kid friendly comic in the post.

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