The Geek Diaries: Chapters 19 to 21

Saturday 25th June 1977
Eek – they’ve announced a 2000AD Summer Special. It is 30p too. But it has Star Wars pages in it so is a must buy. 2000AD what are you doing to me. Now down to 29 comics with my winnings.

Saturday 2nd July 1977
Oh man they’ve launched a set of 2000AD T-Shirts. 8 to collect. Oh Red Rum please run the Grand National again or I will be taking empty bottles back to the pub from now to eternity! Wish I had bet on Virginia Wade to win Wimbledon, dammit!

Saturday 9th July 1977
The Bad News – 2000AD have thrown my mathematical figures right out of the window by raising the price to 9p. I give up!
The Good News – Manchester United Manager Tommy Docherty has been sacked. Kevin said he did the same things as his Dad. Take your slipper and go Mr D!

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