The Geek Diaries: Chapter 16 – Get Up Them Stairs!

Pic from Great News For All Readers website

Saturday 4th June 1977

Her Majesty is giving us an extra day off school this week because of her Silver Jubilee. Which is nice. Mum bought be a Jubilee T Shirt with a Big J on it, a tombola hat with the Union Jack around it and, gasp, this weeks 2000AD. I hope they do not take pictures with me wearing said hat and T-Shirt. I will never live it down. She has gone Jubilee crazy having gone to see the Queen touring the park in St Helens. I am not sure the Queen came out of the car but she waved a lot through the window.

The Sex Pistols got a new recording contract and have released the National Anthem, which is nice of them. I’ve only heard the one they play late at night when the telly ends, after mum and dad fell asleep on the sofa one night while I was with them. They won’t let me hear the new version and it does not get played on the radio very much. I’ll probably hear it when I visit my cousin John. But his music taste changes every five minutes so I will not hold my breath on that one. I am sure it is a suitable tribute because they do not want to get into trouble like last time.

Not seeing Dad a lot so getting to spend the day off will be great. He is trying to impress at work. He gets back about 7 every night and has to work Saturdays in Parts at a Fork Lift Truck company. When he is not around I play up around Mum. She makes me run up stairs and says she will tell my Dad how bad I’ve been. When he comes back I just smile down the stairs at him and say ‘Sorry Dad’ and go to my room. He has not beaten me yet. Just tells Mum I’m being a boy and will grow out of it.

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