The Geek Diaries: Chapter 14 – When I Need You

Saturday 21st May 1977

Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac is on eternal repeat in the house at the moment. They are going to wear that record player out. Spoke to Kevin on the phone. His Dad came to the house last night and started singing “When I Need You” by Leo Sayer at the top of his voice outside his Mum’s window. He thinks he was a little drunk, probably after the FA Cup game. His mum threw a slipper at him and said “You should have thought about that before shagging that little slapper.” He saw him whimpering away into the night, carrying the slipper. I hope it was one of his and maybe one day he will get the other one back too.

For the record Manchester flipping United beat Liverpool 2-1. I hate Manchester United.


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