The Geek Diaries: Chapter 13 – Fred Bassett and the end of the world is nigh

Sunday 15th May 1977

Discovered that the Fred Bassett TV cartoon is a comic strip in the Daily Mail. He is a good role model for getting out of doing anything. I am not sure Mum agrees.

There was an explosion at some nuclear power station this week and Kevin says we are all likely to melt to death at school and our eyes will pop out all over the teachers. As this has not happened yet I am treating the danger with a pinch of salt.

Thankfully it did not happen before Liverpool won the League for the tenth time. They are unstoppable. I bet Liverpool is the Queen’s favourite football team. She looks like a Red. She is off on her Jubilee tour so will not see any victory parade. Her tour starts in Scotland which is in the middle of nowhere next to Wales. I bet she will watch it on the TV News though. If they have TV in Scotland.

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