The Geek Diaries: Chapter 10 – Wobots and Opportunity Knocks

Saturday 23rd April 1977

My mum likes this bloke called Berni Flint in the charts. He kept winning Opportunity Knocks all the time and I have no idea who voted for him. There is no accounting for taste these days.

Judge Dredd is on the cover of this weeks 2000AD. He’s becoming my favourite character next to Mach One. I don’t think we will ever see his face. They nearly showed it a few issues back but he was so ugly it was censored. There’s a cool robot called Walter in it too. Everyone’s getting excited by robots at the moment. Something to do with a movie due out in the United States of America soon. R3DO or something. Dad says robots will take over the word soon. A robot sister who is not sick in the car and does all your bidding would be super cool.

Have cut out my dinosaur card game pages from the comic. Unfortunately I don’t know where I’ve left the first two sets. I have a feeling Lisa has been flushing rubbish down the toilet again.

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