The Geek Diaries: Chapter 9 – Take That Tardis Boy!

Saturday 16th April 1977

Not much happened today. Mum said we are going to Butlins somewhere in Wales this summer. Wales is somewhere near London so miles away! Mum best pack my sisters travel sickness pills or she will vomit all over me again. My sisters name is Lisa. She is 6 years old. I’ve not mentioned her before as she is not really that important. Ha ha. Only joking. We get on most of the time. Except this morning when she attacked me at breakfast with a spoonful of Dr Who Weetabix. Take that Tardis Boy she said. Splat right across my favourite Six Million Dollar Man T Shirt. I told her I am going to make you scream and scream until you are sick for that. At which point Mum split us up and told us we will not be going on holiday if this behaviour continues.

Went to bed early. Being bored gives me a migrane. Puked in toilet and was okay.

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