The Geek Diaries: Chapter 7 – Grand National and Killer Rats

Saturday 2nd April 1977

Red Rum won the Grand National for a third time this week. My Gran gave me £1 and Dad put a bet on for me at the bookies that Red Rum would win each way (I do not know what ‘each way’ means but Mum says it means ‘edging my bets’. I do not know what that means either). Dad said I won £3, but he may have pocketed some of the winnings as he and mum are going to the club tonight and Gran is babysitting. £3 will keep me in 2000ADs for 37 and a half weeks. That, ladies and gentlemen, is maths!

Dad is driving me mad, he’s in such a good mood. In between splashing on cologne and doing the odd boogie down the corridor he is singing ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’, ‘Red Light Spells Danger’ and ‘When’ by Showaddywaddy. Nothing by the Sex Pistols as far as I know. He does not get out very often!

The last episode of Dr Who tonight. I’ve been having nightmares of Giant Rats living under the house.

Before he went out Dad showed me a picture of what looked like a plane on the back of a plane today. He said it was called a ‘Space Shuttle’ and would be the future for space travel. I haven’t seen it in the pages of 2000AD yet so he may be speaking out of his arse. I know that’s a bad word but I am going to be 9 soon so I think I can get away with it.

Late Saturday 2nd April 1977
I heard Mum and Dad come in late tomight. I couldn’t understand what Dad was saying but I heard Mum say, ‘I’ll show you that Red Light Means Danger you drunken idiot”.

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