The Geek Diaries: Chapter 5

Saturday 19th March 1977

Heard Mum telling Dad off for buying me 2000AD again and for smelling of BO after running up the stairs again. “It has got a leather bound guy shooting a big gorilla who is smashing up a bus on the cover god know what is inside. This is not Janet and John – and I bet Rocky does not smell as bad as you do,” I heard her say. Dad put the comic on the high cupboard in the living room where he hides his cigarettes from view but I used the dining room chair to quietly take the comic. I hid it under my jumper and took it to my room. It is true, it is not Janet and John but mum should not use the word God as it is quite bad. I will win her round tomorrow on Mother’s Day. I made a card at school with daffodils it. That should do the trick.

My cousin John came around today. He wears leather too. He thinks he’s some pop star from a punk band called the Sex Pistols, except his Mum won’t let him colour his hair and spike it up so he still has a side parting. The Sex Pistols said a bad word on telly too and got banned. I don’t think they were respectful of the Queen in her Silver Jubilee year. John says it is terrible they lost their contract from EMI. I could not give a monkey’s. Rat ti tat ti tat!

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