The Geek Diaries: Chapter 4

Saturday 12th March

Dad is going on some health kick.  He went to the local shop a different way and ran up a huge set of stairs to get there.  He said he was ‘Rocky Bilbao’. I think he is losing it.  Who takes an eight year old kid up hundreds of stairs.  I was exhausted by the time we got to the shop.  I think he forgets he has longer legs.  I couldn’t protest when he bought 2000AD for me.  I truly thought I was going to die and couldn’t speak.  I do not want to die running up stairs pretending to be someone called ‘Rocky’.  That would be silly and stupid!

He noticed some character called ‘Dan Dare’ on the cover.  He said he used to read a comic called ‘Eagle’ when he was a kid that had Dan Dare in it too.  He borrowed my comic to read it when we got back.  He said my Dan Dare was rubbish.  And that the comic was perhaps a bit too violent for me.  Mum gave Dad an evil eye.  I immediately went face down on the floor, thumping the ground and pretend crying and said if they would not buy me 2000AD I would never, ever speak to them again.  They backed down but said they would need to check it each week for my own good.  Like that will happen. 

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