The Geek Diaries: Chapter 3

Welcome to our new fiction story THE GEEK DIARIES. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm there will be new chapters every week. The story features culture, music, movies, top telly and comics. If you were 8 in 1977 or want to know more about life and loves 45 years ago this is for you. If you are inspired to read and draw we’d love your art – send it to

Saturday 5th March

I got 2000AD myself this week with Steven Farnworths cash.  It took him 5 days to get the money, checking the back of the sofa everytime his Dad came home from having a pint at the pub.  A totally stupid free gift in the new comic.  Some secret code wallet thing.  Do I look six years old?  Might give up on it but there was a brilliant poster of a future city which I will rip out and cover that little chip in the wall.  Mum will never know.  She is busy reading some book she got from the library called ‘Roots’ when she is not chasing me around the house.  I keep singing this French song I heard on the radio as I run and when she is just too far away for her to get to me I stop and sing ‘Rat ti tat ti tat’.  It drives her bananas and makes me laugh.  If she catches me she will kill me.  I do not want to die at the hands of my mum.  That would be silly.

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