The Geek Diaries: Chapter 2

Welcome to our new fiction story THE GEEK DIARIES. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm there will be new chapters every week. The story features culture, music, movies, top telly and comics. If you were 8 in 1977 or want to know more about life and loves 45 years ago this is for you. If you are inspired to read and draw we’d love your art – send it to

Saturday 26th February 1977

I wasn’t going to bother with 2000AD this week.  I prefer Valiant or Battle.  But it had the Six Million Dollar Man stickers in it so I got dad to buy it for me anyway.  Stuck them all over my body and ran around in slow motion. Did think about jumping with my bionic legs over the fence to get my space spinner back from next door’s garden.  Saw Mr Flanagan’s alsation dog Prince chewing the last of the red plastic space spinner so thought better of it.  Once he had finished with that he would have chewed me up.  I do not want to die being eaten by a dog.  That would be silly.   

Mum made me have a bath as I was dirty from running and jumping around.  I had to take the bionic stickers off before getting in.  I have never felt so much pain in my life.  I have lost all the little hairs on my arm.  And mum scrunched up the stickers and through them in the outside bin too!  If I get money from taking our lemonade bottles back to the pub I may buy another copy and wear my stickers to school during PE.   I reckon I can get someone to buy the comic off me for 8p too.  There is a new future police story in there and Steven Farnworth is so tall he wants to be in the police when he grows up so he is bound to be up for it.  He may have spent all his money on Starsky and Hutch’s single ‘Don’t Give Up On Us Baby’ but I reckon his big brother might have taped it.  He will be the first criminal Steven can arrest.  Home taping is killing music.

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