The Geek Diaries: Chapter 1

Welcome to our new fiction story THE GEEK DIARIES. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (starting 5th September) at 7.30pm there will be new chapters every week. The story features culture, music, movies, top telly and comics. If you were 8 in 1977 or want to know more about life and loves 45 years ago this is for you. If you are inspired to read and draw we’d love your art – send it to


Saturday 19th February 1977

My name is Michael Wainwright.  That’s Michael, not Mike.  Or Mike Stand.  I prefer Michael.  I am 8 years old.  My teacher Mr Jones at Hilltop Primary School in Haywood has given us a project to keep a diary until the Easter holidays.  It is to help improve our English grammar.  I may not write a lot as it may cause a blister on my finger that will get infected and I might die from it.  I do not want to die from writing a diary.  That would be silly.

It is Saturday and I have a cold.  Mum and Dad have told me to stay in bed.  It is quite boring in bed.  Dad went to Betty’s, our local shop, and bought me a comic.  It is called 2000AD.  That is 23 years from now. That is ages away.  I will be 31 then.  I am so good at maths.  I am not sure what job I will be doing then.  Maybe an astronaut.  That would be so cool. Not a teacher like Mr Jones giving out stupid projects like writing a diary and causing people to die from finger injuries.

This comic has a cool space spinner on the front cover.  Tried it in my bedroom but it was a bit rubbish so I am looking forward to getting better and trying it outside.  I covered the small hole in the wall I created with a poster of Steve Austin.  I do not think Dad read the comic before he gave it to me.  He only reads war story comics because he likes history or something.  It has dinosaurs and the Six Million Dollar Man in it.  It is a bit scary but no one else will know that apart from people who read this diary.  Except Mr Jones who never speaks to anyone.  He has no friends.

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