ComicScene Weekly Issue 2 / 28 Jan to 3 Feb 2022

Welcome to your ComicScene Weekly Issue 2, exclusive to Friends of ComicScene. Every Friday we bring you a digest of comic news! This week when you join you get put into the draw to win ‘Slaine Dragontamer’ by Pat Mills and Leonardo Manco.

Become a Friend of ComicScene to get access

PARENTS / CARERS OF SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN – If you are a parent/carer of a school age child you get ‘Cat Club’ or ‘Dog Man’ by Dev Pilkey if under 12 or Manga title ‘My Hero Academia’ if over 12 when you join. Your school can get funds for comic books or comic workshops too. Contact us at for details.

CONTENTS – enjoy all this when you become a Friend of ComicScene in ComicScene Weekly

Weekly comic draw and news – one Friend of ComicScene will win a comic book in our draw every week

Comic Movie / TV trailer

On the Newsstands

Retro Comics of the Week

Manga of the Week

Graphic Novels for kids / teens / adults

Comic Shop of the Week & News

Comic Media Watch

ComicCons and Events

Podcast and Vlogcast of the Week

Kickstarter of the Week

Comic Creator Insights and Creators Directory

Comic Organisations

FREE Weekly Comic Download – and access to 2000+ pages of free comics

My Perfect Comic

US comics in store this week

Want to write for us? Details here

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