Support the new Saturday Comics Line – Pledge now for your twelve Number One Issues



Saturday Comics is a new line of comics to be released mid 2022. 12 anthology comic titles capturing the spirit of classic UK comics with a contemporary edge. This is your ‘early bird’ opportunity to pre order these new titles for the best price. The 12 new titles include Atomic (Indie), Ballistic (War), Corker (Humour), Emily (Girls comic), Emoji (Modern Love), Falcon (Boys comic), Flame (Fantasy and Magic), Hero 86 (Superhero), Outlaws (Crime), Quantum (Sci Fi), Screech (Horror) and Tokyo (Manga).

You have the opportunity to pledge a one off fee OR spread the cost monthly. Pledge here

All backers will become a member of the Comic Club and will also get access to exclusive digital content. Digital content includes 2500 pages of ComicScene, Crikey and Comic Zines, 400+ pages of ComicScene Annual comic strips plus digital and web comics being added weekly from top comic creators.

While you wait for the comics you also get sent our ‘Best of ComicScene Batman Special’ and ‘Best of Indies’ comic monthly with some options. The £12.99 a month option also gives you monthly copies of the 60 page History of Comics Magazine. Comics are A4 and no less than 32 pages each. All pledge options below include P&P to the UK.

To help the environment we aim to print to order to avoid paper wastage. We will deliver 6 Saturday Comics in a box at a time to save on our carbon footprint. Your pledge and membership supports creators who feature in the new comic and in our digital library. Pledge now – and be part of it! Pledge here

INTERNATIONAL OPTIONS – Please email for international options outside the UK

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