ComicScene kick off #passiton programme and donate 25 History of Comic Books to libraries. Here is how you can donate.

ComicScene have kicked off the #passiton programme and donated 25 History of Conic Books to public and school libraries in the U.K and Ireland worth over £300.

Now they are urging you to do the same. With over 3000 public libraries in the U.K. they aim to get at least 100 ‘History of Comic’ books on their shelves before the current History of Comics Books Kickstarter ends on 12th October.

For just £10 you can donate a book – and you get a free digital copy of a History of Conics for yourself. Just choose the library donation option. at the Kickstarter

Or you can donate a set of 4 books for £40 and get access to digital copies of all the current eight History of Comics for yourself.

If you are pledging for your own set of History of Comics you can ‘add on’ your library donation too.

ComicScene will #passiton and donate the History of Comics books to a library of your choice (they will ask you which one at the end of the Kickstarter on 12th October or #passiton to the libraries who request one)

#passiton and pledge today here.

Thank you for your support and donation.

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