Pass It On – donate a History of Comics to a library via kickstarter and share your comics passion!

With one month to go ComicScene are giving comic fans the opportunity to share their passion of the medium and donate a ‘History of Comics’ book to a public library or school via their latest kickstarter.

You can make the donation here as a reward or ‘add on’ to your pledge. 

The History of Comics are asking you to ‘Pass It On’ and help spread the word about the creativity of the comics medium. 

Publisher Tony Foster said, “We have been doing work with schools and libraries for a while and some do have the History of Comics on their shelves.  However many cannot afford them so this is a great way for comic fans to buy a book or more for them.  It also helps this major History of Comics Project as we feature one year in comics over one hundred books.”

The pledge for a library donation is only £10 for one, £40 for four or add on any others with no postal charge to you.

There are currently twelve books in total featuring years from 1950 to 2020.  You can get the books for yourself and add on a donation or simply donate books to a library and the History of Comics will ‘Pass It On’ for you.  You can make your pledge until 12th October at the History of Comics kickstarter here 

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