ComicScene Comic Directory Vol 2 – deadline 29th Feb.

How would you like to be in our new ComicScene Comic Creators Directory in 2020 – it’s free for creators to do so from U.K., Ireland, US, Australia and Canada.

E mail

ComicScene Magazine is produced in the U.K. and is distributed to U.K., Ireland, Australia, Canada and the USA. Although ongoing the second deadline for the Directory is 29th February.

  • The Directory will appear in each issue of ComicScene+, our free digital supplement, which will go to subscribers of ComicScene and will appear on our website once complete.
  • For the Directory we require the following information and you can provide an illustration if you wish (please follow the text format below and send low and hi res jpeg for your image)
  • Directory Info format


Preferred Contact Details:

Delete as appropriate Publisher/Writer/Artist/Letterer/Colourist:


Social Media:

Other (if any):

Publications and characters I have worked on:

Provide Prints: Yes/No

Sell original artwork: Yes/No

Available for Comic Conventions: Yes/No

Available for Comic Shop/Event signings: Yes/No

Available for Commissions: Yes/No

Available for Comic Workshops: Yes/No

If yes delete as appropriate 1hr / 2hr / half day / full day / 2-3 days / week workshops

Locations for workshops: Please let us know if anywhere or a specific area.

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