Stand by for action….

4th December 2019

Yesterday we finally pressed ‘send’ on the final issue of ComicScene, due out 19 December.

I’d loved to say we are going to take a well earned rest until the next issue (which is due out 20 February) but then I realised I have so many people still to respond to, try and sort out IT problems, invoicing, refreshing our shop site, updating advertising rate cards, planning a ComicScene Award Podcast, scheduling our Award announcements, working on a top secret addition for those who subscribe to ComicScene from the new year and on top of that shopping for Christmas!

Thankfully the material for issue 12 is already in so we can focus on the other things so hopefully we will have at least a full two week Christmas break and an easier January at the very least. I’m treating myself to the Alan Moore Swamp Thing Collection to read over Christmas as I’m due to talk about it on the Mega City Book Club Podcast in the new year. As I’ve not read it since it was originally published I’m looking forward to reading it. Except I have to repack it when it arrives and put it under the tree until Christmas Day. With only the new Gavin and Stacey, the Whale and the Snail and Call the Midwife catching my attention that day I will hopefully be able to devour a few pages between turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.

Quite a bit to do until then so I’m on it…

Good morning comic fans – have a nice day!

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