From print to screen

2nd December, 2019

A tight deadline, rejigging articles, moving pages around and finishing touches have been the order of the day and we are not quite there yet but pretty much done and dusted on ComicScene for 2019.

Tonight all our free previews, sales, offers and great subscription prices for ComicScene are all are due to end as we prepare to go into battle with rising print costs, distribution costs and managing our own budgets to reflect sales after twelve months. The cover price will remain the same and we will keep subscription prices as competitive as we can for people who have faith in us and buy ComicScene month to month.

Above all we think it’s important to keep comics in the public eye and remaining on newsstands is key. It costs, unfortunately, so everyone continuing to buy or subscribe helps. We are not a big publishing house and we have day jobs to pay the bills so every subscription, big or small, kickstarts us at the beginning of each year.

Although we have confirmed another year on newsstands we aren’t being complacent as we want to give our readers the best magazine we can. It’s a two way street and we can do so much more if sales and subscriptions continue to grow.

I was delighted to hear today that Milford Green, a strip that appeared over a number of issues, has been picked up as a potential movie. Of course I’m sure appearing in ComicScene had absolutely nothing to do with it but making people more aware of some of the delightful comics that have been and are available is a thrill of ours. It’s great when we can pick up a series and run with it but at the same time direct people to the latest instalment or new crowdfunder for the direct benefit of the creators.

Even today we retweeted a Captain Cosmic offer for all three titles of the comic from Andy W Clift (we are currently serialising Book Two). and it reminded someone to send away for them. That’s a great feeling.

Of course the material we print has to be awesome (in our opinion) but it doesn’t mean we don’t have respect for those who go out and produce their own work. It’s tough out there and we know how difficult it is to get noticed above all the communication bombarded to everyone on a daily basis.

Milford Green was a great title and I’m glad we picked it up to run in ComicScene. We will be running the sequel, Beyond Milford Green, in the new year. We think all strips we currently feature would make great TV or films. Who knows that might happen for any of the creators, with comics old and new being picked up almost daily. I hope they remember ComicScene if they are picked up because Steven Spielberg saw their strip in the magazine at Barnes and Noble or wanted to know more about a ComicScene Award winner. Now that would be a thrill. We’ve already picked one winner – maybe others will follow!

Goodnight Comic Fans – see you next time!

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