This is where I came in…

1st December 2019

Yesterday I shared a post celebrating comics with a Scottish theme. It was while plotting a short story for an online return of Captain Scotland in early 2017 (from the 1990’s stripzine Atomic) that I came up with the idea of ComicScene Magazine, launches in 2018. When the return of Captain Scotland made TV, radio and newspaper coverage I realised there was a big interest in retro comics.

It was in December last year that we launched the magazine on newsstands. And here we are putting together the final issue of 2019. The pages reflect a learning curve of twelve months work. 12 issues. Added to the five we produced before hitting newsstands. 17 takes us to the same number of issues as Crikey! produced plus one. And we’ve reprinted all of the Crikey! Volumes too. What a year!

What will 2020 bring? All will be revealed…soon!

Shared Corker! Issue 2 cover today (there has been a lot of to and fro on this between myself and David) and Whackoman! arrived to finish off the final issue of the year. ComicScene got a mention on the Comic Jam event Podcast (Panel 2) which you can find on the ComicScene Podcast pages at . I also felt very old when my son accessed a iPod that was ‘retro’ to him with old (when he was about 7) movies he made of himself, his sister and photographs of toy dinosaurs with speech bubbles attached to them in photo story formation!

Which brings me back to the Comics Jam char and the future of comics. It also occurred to me people didn’t know ComicScene was available not only in print but digital too. And the opportunity that brings. Which has got me thinking….

Now the final issue of ComicScene is all but ready to go I’m determined, with our wee break, to get on top of administration, contacting people who’ve been in touch and I’ve neglected to answer (so sorry!) and play around with an idea that has been formulating in my head since the summer and one we can action early in the new year. My only advice is if you don’t already then subscribe to the magazine. It won’t be iPod dinosaurs with speech bubbles but it will hopefully be just as fun!

….and this is where I leave you. Goodnight Comic Fans – see you next time!

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