The Votes are counted…

The votes are in and counted for the ComicScene Awards 2019. 30,000 votes took a while to get through in time for deadline and the neck is feeling a little sore! Two people know the results and we will try and keep them as secret as we can until Issue 11 hits subscribers doorsteps. Some surprising results in there but a good reflection of the comic industry.

Finalising the content of ComicScene 11 with a deadline for the end of the week, after which we can take a well earned break leading up to Christmas. We haven’t quite got everything we wanted to fit in the issue but it’s a great review of the last twelve months. The magazine will be on the newsstands over two months as January sales for most monthly magazines take a dip. It’s relentless putting together a monthly magazine. A number of independent magazines move to eight issues a year (out every six weeks) and its an option to consider now we’ve been on newsstands for a year.

A number of comic creators have been explaining how pirating their comics has an impact on them. I’m not sure if ComicScene is pirated but I know Film Stories magazine reported that they were a few weeks ago. Gary Erskine tweeted that Virgin Comics folded after their Dan Dare comics sold only 12,000 copies with tens of thousand of views of the comic on a pirated site taking sales away from them. With the returns on comics and magazines very tight pirating titles will end with less magazines, comics and closures. So if you want to support a comic or magazine and can afford to do so please subscribe through a reliable source.

ComicScene is now out there in the big wide world and a few shares on social media which is always welcome with no major marketing budget. It’s been great to offer an outlet for creators to hit the newsstands and share their great comics to a wider audience. There is some fabulous work in ComicScene 10 and if you like what you see investigate the sequel to Rok of the Reds, Book 4 of Flintlock, Captain Cosmic Book 3, Aces Weekly Online, The Spark and books by Marc Jackson to name but a few. Don’t be crazy! Support the creators – don’t support the pirates!

Goodnight Comic Fans – see you next time!

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