Don’t make me angry…

22nd November 2019

Printing, postage and distribution is a very expensive business for any comic or magazine creator. It’s also the bit that, despite the huge cost, can go wrong. The service isn’t great. And for ComicScene, an independent magazine with very low margins, that can be a killer!

Of course our readers probably don’t even realise what’s going on behind the scenes. The bits that make the hair go greyer (not fallen out yet, but there is still time!).

This month there has been an issue with Royal Mail and subscriber issues (I still haven’t had my copies yet). Also in a move over to new distributors (who are more expensive!) some newsagents have missed their on sale dates. It was the same last month. All very frustrating when you have built up expectations and people can’t get their copy. Who knows if you have the time to go back to WHSmith before the next issue?

Amidst all these problems is the team at GetMyComics who do a sterling job coordinating our printing, deliveries to our distributors and fulfilment of copies to subscribers. At times, particularly early on, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. And when our tictail shop closed down they finally persuaded me to trust them enough to move over to GetMyComics for online sales and digital copies. Adrian and the team have been brilliant and I don’t know what I would have done without them. Less visits to the hairdresser perhaps!

Dealing with any problems do delay our own administration (the worst part of the magazine) but we will get to that next week along with finalising editorial on Issue 11.

At time of writing we are just over 24 hours left until the end of voting in the ComicScene Awards. It seems to have caught the imagination with more votes than I anticipated and I’m looking forward to who the winners will be. Every nomination and every vote has been led by comic fans rather than a panel of experts and its brought an interesting dynamic to the choices. It’s opened my eyes to even comics that I was unaware of, which is part of what ComicScene the Magazine is all about. I love the ‘old stuff’ more than anyone but the talent I’ve discovered by immersing myself in the world of comics over the last twenty four months has been amazing. It’s been a great learning curve and I hope by our coverage on newsstands across the U.K and Ireland and now Australia, Canada and America we can introduce a few more people to the brilliant work that’s going on.

If we can get it on the shelves on time!

Goodnight Comic Fans – see you next time!

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