Cover to cover 2

20th November 2019

Last night I received an email from Arthur Ranson son Jonas about exclusive prints he’s produced of his fathers favourite work, signed and numbered by Arthur. I was happy to share on our social media. I am so far behind in responding to emails and I hope everyone will forgive my tardiness! We have a two month gap between issue 11 and 12 so time to catch up. Once I count the thousands of ComicScene Awards votes!

A couple more pages arrived today in my in tray from David at the Burgh – issue 11 is bursting at the seams! The initial page plan now being thrown out of a open window.

I rejected one cover following my initial sketch and received a second which I am pleased to reveal here. It will probably be tweaked further but it says what it is on the tin!

Tomorrow ComicScene Issue 10 is out with the launch of our 24 page pull out all ages comic ‘Corker!’ It seems like we have been working on it for an eternity! We are expecting big things and hopefully lots of support for this refresh of the magazine. I’ve not seen the finished product yet and cannot wait to see it. I hope readers enjoy it.

Ended the day knowing my local shop had sold out of ComicScene. They only get two copies in a population of about 2000. If that translated across the whole of the U.K. with a 66,000,000 population that would be great! We can all dream….

Goodnight Comic Fans – see you next time!

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