Cover to cover

18th November 2019

Sketched out a cover today, resolved the incredibly missing issues at Diamond, drilled down further where ComicScene is being sold overseas with Intermedia and took on board some advice about using Instagram.

This week we have to juggle telling people about issue 9 goes off sale on Wednesday, the end of our back issue sale at the end of November, the new issue coming out Thursday 21st and the end of voting in our ComicScene Awards on 23rd November.

It’s the start of Book Week in Scotland. Shared the fact that I’m reading ‘Mud and Starlight – The Alan Moore Interviews 2008-2016’ by Padraig O Mealoid on their twitter request as it’s Alan Moore’s birthday today too. I believe Alan has now turned his back on comic writing for good, which is a shame, as the interviews I am reading refer to a number of unfinished or unpublished stories that may never see the light of day but sounded of interest all the same. Apparently I’m doing a Mega City Book Club Podcast on Moore’s Swamp Thing in 2020 sometime. As the last time I read Swamp Thing was when the original ‘floppies’ came out (note – a terrible term for comics I only heard this year!) I better get my skates on and read a collected edition so I have a fighting chance to sound like I know what I’m talking about. It’s always interesting as an ageing adult to read a comic again that you read in your childhood years, teens or early twenties. It’s like discovering a new story.

I was looking forward to watching the Swamp Thing TV series but now I hear it is cancelled I probably won’t invest any time in it. As a casual observer DC do seem to make an inconsistent rehash of forays into TV and movies whilst Marvel seem to be a continually moving juggernaut! The hashtag #snydercut is doing the rounds today but I can’t see myself ever sitting through the Justice League Movie again (although the flashes of humour in the film were a welcome return to DC movies, as in Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and Superman the Movie). I’m popping in to watch the Supergirl and Flash TV series prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover in December. Amazing that TV is finally catching up with storylines over thirty years old (Frank Millers Sin City was announced at the weekend). Although now special effects on TV and in the movies leave nothing to the imagination that may explain a decline in new superhero comics. However if they reintroduce kids and adults to those older stories or the original source material that’s a good thing I think. I know there are some purists out there unhappy with the Watchmen TV series (which I quite like), Doomsday Clock and Before Watchmen series but let’s not forget Moore, Gibbons and Higgins original comic book series had started out using the Charlton Comics characters acquired by DC at the time. And just as film and TV kept characters alive in adaptations of classic novels when we were kids it brings a whole new audience to The Watchmen. And, from all accounts, makes those hard to come by ‘floppies’ worth a pretty penny for your retirement fund!

Goodnight comic fans – see you next time.


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