War of the Worlds

This week I watched Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Cruise version of ‘War of the Worlds’ and listened again to the Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’ soundtrack via Alexa on Spotify (this sounds like an alien language). I would listen to the Orson Welles version too but I only have it on tape and no tape deck (this is an alien language to people under 18 probably!)! When I first listened to the Jeff Wayne album and the wonderful and haunting tones of Richard Burton it was on vinyl, in a darkened room, with headphones on. Those ooohhhh-laaahhhhs scared me half to death. This is all to get me in the mood for the BBC adaptation of HGWells, which starts Sunday. It looks great on the trailers and I’m very much looking forward to it (with the delicious His Dark Materials just before it!). If you are a fan of ‘War of the Worlds’ then do make sure you read Samuel George London’s ‘Milford Green’ strip that appeared in ComicScene from Issue 6. There are shades of this great story in that too.

‘War of the Worlds’ replaces ‘World On Fire’ on BBC1 which has been a fabulous series with another promised (six in fact). The whole cast has been superb, particularly Lesley Manville who should be given every award possible. If you missed her in ‘Mum’ and write/draw human relationship comics with a touch of laugh out loud humour try and catch it. It is a masterclass of writing. If you are a fan of Commando comics, Charley’s War or even Pat Mills new Ragtime Soldier World of War’ is for you. The drama has weaved in some delicate truths of U.K. WW2 history and created a drama which is inclusive of our current population (particularly the Polish community). That’s also why I was keen to publish ‘Great War Dundee’ to a wider audience. Not only because it featured established creators and those who’s comic careers are just getting started but Pat Mills challenging established WW1 history. ‘Ragtime Soldier’ is very controversial and challenges our view of established history and Pat provided extensive notes to the stories narrative in the comic. You can still pick it up in shops and I urge you to pick up a copy of ComicScene 9 to learn more.

Next up will of course be the new series of Doctor Who. We are looking back at all the Doctor Who strips that have appeared in Doctor Who Magazine, which this year celebrates 40 years of publication. I’ve seen the first set of pages and the feature, by Ian Wheeler, is looking great. And speaking of great telly I hope you saw the moment a young Doctor Who fan met their hero on Children In Need. A lovely moment and a true reminder that kids love the series.

To end the week we got a request from Steve Tanner to share a safety comic from Network Rail that he has been involved with. I was happy to do so. Steve runs Time Bomb Comics and writes Lady Flintlock, which returns to ComicScene in issue 10. I’ve been comparing it to ‘Dick Turpin’ meets ‘Gentleman Jack’ (another great TV series from 2019). I actually have a highwayman in my family tree. He was shipped off to Tasmania for his crimes for ten years. Unusually he survived and lived to a ripe old age. If it’s in the genes I’m likely to live for a very long time (not quite as long as a TimeLord)! That’s a lot of ComicScene’s to produce.

I’ve been struggling with a cover for issue 11. Having now been sent initial designed pages from David at the Burgh an idea is formulating that will capture all content rather than concentrate on one or two aspects of it. We will have to put it together early this week as I like to have it on the GetMyComics site when the next issue is on sale. Cutting it a bit fine! It will be a War of the Words though (he teases!). It will certainly include our ComicScene Awards results, which will be exclusively revealed in the December issue of the magazine. I was surprised at the number of nominations we but have been blown away at the amount of votes for each category. With the deadline for voting almost on us I’d better start counting now!

Goodnight Comic Fans – see you next time.


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