Wait a minute Mr Postman

15th November 2019

Last night Comics Toolbox and Get My Comics shared a picture of ComicScene Issue 10. It’s arrived and being posted out to subscribers as we speak. Always exciting!

I’m expecting some early pages for issue 11 before the weekend which is also quite exciting. Behind the scenes we are working with advertisers, distributors and mysteriously disappearing parcels from October! Nothing, it seems, is ever smooth, with the odd surprise here and there, which hinders cash flow or takes up unexpected time.

There has been a great wee story over the last few days about Rod Stewart and his model train set. It’s a story that appeared in an independent magazine ‘Railway Modeller’ and has captured the media’s attention after Rod phoned in to the Jeremy Vine show to confirm the story was true. Great publicity for the magazine and I’m pleased for them – we’d kill for that kind of free publicity (although I hear any magazine or second hand book store does a roaring trade from train enthusiasts).

Meantime the Beano is up for a PPA Scotland Award for its issue 4000 cover. I’d love to have put an entry in but the £80 fee was a bit steep for us. Although, once again, if you get shortlisted the publicity generated for the magazine might be worth it. Mind you I think a free comic inside the next issue is quite unique, so maybe it will be picked up by someone. When I was younger my parents would be more than happy to give me the Mail On Sunday free 16 page comic supplement, which was truly brilliant and further stoked my interest in comics, and I hope adults will do the same with their issue of Corker! that’s free in ComicScene this month.

In the post now…

Goodnight comic fans – see you next time.


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